Rootable Mother. An attractive Mother.
Your Mother is a RM.
by ??? May 04, 2004
Royal Marines. Much finer than the United State's Marine Corps.
I am a RM
royal marine
by christ0pherjack January 18, 2006
Roelende Mate

e.g. Someone's mate who rulez according to the rules specified in the yet unpublished but to be published book of 'Het roelende boek' by Tailz and FlitzZ.
Tailz> S RM!!!
FlitzZ> S RM!!!
by Remko Seelig February 03, 2004
Derived from sub-neclectigleniage from online partners and Animation Insider friends; Abbrev. for "The Red March", a username from said Forums of Animation Insider.

Definition: The coolest person on AIM. WOOYEAH. 8|
"RM won't shut the fuck up." "Hah, as always."

"Gee, RM is awesome." "YUP."
by RM March 28, 2005

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