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Restless leg syndrome, a sleep disorder
everyone in california has rls.
Babe I got rls again (down boy) can't sleep.
You can get rls from watching too much TV.
Need to call FEMA to help California's get over rls.
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
52 24
- release
- release button
wtf, so many new rls groups in teh interweb!
where's the crack in teh rls?!
by 548q4a541 July 03, 2011
9 3
Real-life shipping, real-life ship

Shipping two (or more) real people.
"I totally RLS my two best friends. They were clearly made for each other."

"Britney Spears and Simon Cowell are my favorite RLS."
by goldiloks October 10, 2012
6 2
Stands for

R. Really
L. Long
S. Shaft

A syndrome characterized by having an abnormally long or large penis shaft.
Girl: Why can't you sleep?
Guy: I got the R.L.S. I keep gettin tangled up.
Girl: Youre gettin tangled in your legs from Restless Leg Syndrome?
Guy: Nope.
Girl: ;D
by Longbird May 11, 2011
1 2
A disease made up so people have yet another excuse to complain. (Bitch Disease)
Joe - Steve, I'm not going to make it to the party tonight, I have RLS....

Steve - What ever homo go have but sects
by teh_architect May 24, 2007
20 23
rapid lesbian sex
Cleen: Hey Rach, you feeling down?
Rachel: yeah
Cleen: how about a little RLS to cheer you up?
Rachel: YeAHHH baby!
by Collie69 January 14, 2009
14 18
1. noun; acronym standing for Really Lame Syndrome.
2. adjective; acronym stnading for Really Lame and Stupid
1. Nick's face is so RLS.
2. Yeah, he has a bad case of RLS of the face.
by Macko Chin July 14, 2006
6 11