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someone with messed up credit person who cant get a loan but still trys to knowing they never paid there mom back or anyone in life
that guy over there is a super rivet he will always be a rivet as long as ive known him he has been a rivet
by car guy chillilng July 06, 2009
abbreiviation of the term rivethead. pertaining to someone who is involved in the Industrial Music club culture. Anyone who would know who Einsturzend Neubauten is or what it pertains to.
by yes sir no sir October 11, 2003
a crack in the sidewalk
O look theres a rivet, and no its not a grivet or hole or crack in the sidewalk its a rivet!
by beth July 16, 2004
A person who resmbles a frog, and who is easily stressed due to hormone issues. mispronouncing the word korn.
ah rivet you queer frog
by Kinky pinky February 07, 2005
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