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When one unexpectedly defecates in one's own pants, due to extreme heat.
Damn! I just ristoned.

Hey, wanna go to a restaurant?
Can't, I just ristoned.

What the heck is that??
Sorry, I ristoned.

Boy its hot out, I think I might Riston pretty soon.

Man, seeing the temperature report makes me want to Riston.
by Sweet Loads May 21, 2004
A loveable, yet gangly office creature who stopped maturing after university. This has led to a life of intramural sports, socks with sandals, and a propensity for much younger females, and useless trivia. Quick witted, and dangerous when cornered.
He was so friendly until I cornered him, then he became such a Riston. Yikes!
by Big Yellow Man July 30, 2003
Being the diamond in the rough...being a bad ass mother fucker..period
He is a Riston.
by Boomboomchuck November 21, 2015
loves small furry mammals... loves having his shining face superimposed on animals and/or babies pictures.
My name is Riston and I LOOOOOOVE nothing more than Wesley Crusher's tight gluts! "Wonnnnna' Wertherz little girl?"
by Wesly Crusher July 29, 2003
upto and including the wrist.
He put even his riston.
by me July 30, 2003
a bitter man who watches parkinglots for a living.
"hey stop watching those students park! Jeez you're suuuch a riston!"
by CFO July 30, 2003
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