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the act of masturbating right after waking up. hence the rise and the shine
1. i had a quick rise and shine this morning
2. mother to teenage schoolgoing son: "time to rise and shine sweetie."
by nathan April 22, 2005
The process of waking your girlfriend/significant other by jerking off on to their face, covering them in sticky, shiny, ejaculate.
She likes it when I give her the old RISE AND SHINE. She says its good for her skin!
by Nickdubba May 02, 2011
The name for the event in which a man wakes up after sleeping with an erection.
"Rise and shine happens EVERY DAY!"
by Errur October 13, 2008
The act of masturbating. Often refers to immediate masturbation upon resuming consciousness. Rise refers to the literal raise of a once flacid penis due to a flow of blood. Shine refers to the actual "stroking" action, not unlike the act of shining a large silver phallic-shaped paperweight.
"Hey Johnny, want to go work on our arithmetic homework?"
"No, I think I'll go smoke tades and rise and shine"
by Morgau February 21, 2007
One of two acceptable methods of being woken in the morning. This involves your girlfriend beginging to felate you 5 minutes before your choosen rising time. She does so very gently at first, and then brings you to conciousness by running her tounge over any of your designated "waking spots" she then finishes the blowjob by putting maple syrup on your man sausage and licking it clean and swallowing everything you have provided her with.
Jimmy had a rough night and had to be up early for class that morning, so his girlfriend rise and shined him, he was so hungover, he didnt wake up for half an hour!
by sparky F August 04, 2005
When you are fucking a chick doggy style on top of the stairs, then as you ejac in her pussy you push her down the stairs, causing her to get knocked unconscience. Come back a few minutes later and wake her up by pissing on her face.
I gave grandma a rise and shine on saturday night
by alfonso004 March 14, 2007

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