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to rob drug dealers (rip them off and then run the hell away)
Girl : Jesus, I crossed some 70s porn the other day -- John Holmes was hung like a goddamn blue whale. Made me wonder what the hell you got.

Guy : Yeah, but at least Eddie Nash didn't beat me to death for rippin and runnin.


what do you do for a living ?
I rip and run.
by merc misfire May 03, 2006
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To steal someone's Status Update on Facebook and post it as your own.
1st Person: "Yo, did you see what Mike put as his Status Update? No doubt it was funny as hell but he is no King of Wits. He most definitely cut and pasted someone elses status.
2nd Person: "True. That cat is notorious for the Rip and Run."
by Poop Stain Barney April 22, 2011
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For someone to fart and book ass outta there!
As i was finishing biology homework, my friend decided to rip and run, making it very difficult for me to complete the required assignment.
by n8dagreat157 April 09, 2008
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To do asbestos removal illegally. To "Rip" the asbestos down, and "Run" (clean area. get rid of asbestos as quick as possible as though nothing illegal was done.)
That construction company did a "Rip and Run" job in that boiler room.
by Newt U. August 07, 2011
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