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eating snacks while having sexual intercourse.
"damn dude yesterday me and mary jo were having some delicious snex in the back of my truck"
"shit son what were you eating?"
"nothing but the best, a bag of chex mix."
by n8dagreat157 August 15, 2008
To sit back in a gangster like fashion. Be leaned so far down in the chair, that it is like your back is on the butt rest.
Jack was swittin in his chair, so his teacher told him to sit up.
by n8dagreat157 March 04, 2008
For someone to fart and book ass outta there!
As i was finishing biology homework, my friend decided to rip and run, making it very difficult for me to complete the required assignment.
by n8dagreat157 April 09, 2008

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