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1. to use somthing fast untill it has ran out

2. to be cussed bad
1. man1: "got any drink left?"
man2: "no, I rinsed it"

2. "oww you got rinsed, HARD"
by De$per8 April 16, 2005
106 52
(1) To have lost a cuss battle without a comeback
(2) To have rinsed the dishes or forks
Dave:You Just Got Rinsed Mate!
Bob: :/ Hmmm...

Dave: Rinse my plate
Bob: :/ Hmmm...
by djthegodfather October 02, 2005
147 65
when someone has been thoroughly beaten at a certainsport or activity
arsenal got rinsed in the champions league final
by jake87 June 08, 2006
76 35
1.Overplayed. starts as a good song, then gets played so mercilessly by sad dj's (think westwood) trying to be cool that u become so sick of the song u never want to hear it again.

1b. Song featured on every r'n'b compilation for the next 5 years. take a look in your local record store and you'll see what i'm on about
Blu cantrell and Sean Paul: 'Breathe', Beyonce: 'Crazy in Love', Nelly: 'Hot in Herre', Dre's: 'California Love' etc etc
by Stephizzal August 02, 2005
75 49
The act of being excessively drunk.
I was real rinsed last night after drinking straight whiskey.
by SMOKEU July 30, 2010
20 8
if you are rinsed, you have been "done", so to speak. You may alos have been fooled by someone. As heard on Soccer AM
Tom: what did you do last weekend?
Steve: Your mum!
Dan: whey, you have been rinsed Tom!!!
by Jono Bate March 26, 2007
26 14
To be beaten at something in such a way that you are completely humilated by ur opponent.
can also be used as a substitute for 'drunk'
winner: i just rinsed u on tekken tag
looser: yes, but i am rinsed and cant see the TV
by Ritchie May 22, 2003
35 27