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The heavy, energetic, uplifting vibe at a Drum n Bass night.
'Rinsing sound inside the place tonight.....all of the massive a brock wyal...'
by ezman April 13, 2003
The labia of the female genitalia
She had a saggy set of bacon flaps
by Ezman May 19, 2003
Gloopy mucus found in corners of eyes on waking. (posh word is sleep)
Hey, you've got some eye poo
by ezman January 17, 2004
See monged
ie. can be used to describe a drunken or drugged state of mind or an ungly woman.
Man1: Check her out, she's nice!!
Man2: You're paggered, she's paggered.
by ezman January 04, 2004
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