ring around your ass
let me get that ring
by 420 hash November 30, 2010
Wear it on ya finger, made of gold unless ur a cheap bastard then you can wear silver or copper
Keeper ring
by Colin December 23, 2003
gay in the third-grade sense. i.e. stupid, dumb, lame, cheesy, not core, idiotic
That movie John Tucker Must Die has to be a contender for the most rings movie in the universe.

by skrink December 13, 2006
a lovely cute little bitch that plays a game called 'marapets'
after being ignored at all by her 'friends' she goes onto her little site where she makes topics using ideas she had made up or song lyrics from marilyn manson or say anything or any kind of that shit.

ring LOVES talking to her friends on the interwebz

and being played by them and being used it what putaringonit555 is here for ^_^

once again everyone sucks up to her and i think she's an idiot, a satan ruling idiot haillll satan!!!!!!!!!!
*makes topic using lyrics*

title: we're the nobodies
inside: wanna be somebodies

post from someone: wtf are you on about??? xx


post again: uh no, your weird xxx
by Fagolalala April 22, 2010
An alternate universe, usually fabricated, in which those who created it flesh out their most desired past, present, or future events. May include romantic entanglements and/or sexual themes. One or more of the creators is visible through most viewing moments, in a reflected (though adjusted for alternate reality) state.
This alternate reality may be tapped into through Role Playing.
Intimate knowledge of the goings on in said universe must be present in all persons for playing to succeed.
Creator 1: Hey... wanna ring?
Creator 2: Hell yes!!
by Draith March 30, 2005
to insert your finger in a girls vagina in anact of sexual pleasure
yo let me RING you
by DADA April 21, 2004

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