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1(n) way to say friend without anyone getting mad at you
2(adj) to discribe a cereal (bad tasting ones)
3(adj) a way to describe a women fine looking ones
what up my riggin or have you ate riggin O's
thats one fine riggin
by tom me September 25, 2006
(n) A Riggins is any man trapped, addicted, voluntarily incarcerated in a single building other than their home for extended periods of time.
To claim Jack was agoraphobic would be an understatement. He was a bona-fied Riggins.
by Acorn B. Horne April 28, 2011
An expression used in utter disappointment or anger. May also be used at a time of great happiness or using to describe something crappy or that is a let down.
Riggin Jacko! (anger)
Riggin awesome guy! (happiness)
by Rydes December 01, 2005
When your driving down the highway or some other large format road and a 18 wheeler comes dippin past you. This is referred to as Riggin' in my neck of the woods of Rhode Island.
Me- (driving) Damnn you just seen dood in that truck?
Friend-Kid ole buddy was straight riggin'.
Me-I'm saynnn doe.
by shuke dawg May 20, 2011
A bunk person who scums you over any chance they get. A riggins is the worse kind of person. A riggins will not only screw you over but make a 12 lb salmon fillet and eat it while running. A riggins will ask you to go the store and then proceed to demand you to drive him. A riggins, aka a scumbag
Riggins:Hey jay do you wanna go to store with me?
Jay: Ya ok fine i need some white cranberry juice
Riggins: Then your driving
Jay: Your such a riggins sometimes
by Doghouse5D April 27, 2011
being pissed off about something; derived from the language Jag
" I'm riggin about that fat wiggy I kissed last night when i was lugged."
by Jake January 06, 2005
A 'Riggins' is a man who is not very attractive but seems to pull a lot of really hot ass. Inspired by the character from the popular TV series 'Friday Night Lights', who pulled some superb muff such as the likes of Minka Kelly's character, a Riggins is someone who doesn't possess the aesthetics necessary to attain the ass he gets but has some other "redeemable" feature.

In the case of the aforementioned example, it was Tim Riggins' success at the sport American Football that won him those sublime tits. When applied to the current paradigm, this redeemable feature could be anything from a lot of money to the possession of a good skill or a particularly large body part.
1. - "Wow, did you see the girl that guy was with? Punching so far above his weight."

- "Such a mad Riggins, dude."

2. - "Snap! That guy is pulling such mad ass! How did he get that?"

- "Well my friend, being a Riggins, he must have a redeemable feature such as a lot of money or possess a really good skill such as the ability to play full back."

- "But I know that guy, he lives in a trailer. How could he possibly pull that?"

- "Well observed. However, the sublime nature of his redeemable quality greatly eclipses any other lame character trait that he may have."
by Fappuccino October 20, 2011

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