Something that nu metal bands can't seem to use with good effect.
no needed
by Mike B July 02, 2003
A poor person, used as a term of offence for people who look scruffy, dirty or are just generally poverty stricken. Use in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire has been recorded for the best part of the last 15 years.
"What a bunch of fuckin' riffs"
"Get lost you riff"
"I'm not goin down the Duke, it's well riffy"
by Captain Robot March 14, 2006
1. a short guitar lick
2. The most badass gang in "The Warriors"
1. Claptons riff in "sunshine of your love" is awesome!

by Dr.Jimmy2 August 10, 2010
The orange/green dinosaur character from Barney and Friends. He is usually seen with BJ. He is a big music fan.
"I always have music in my head!" - Riff
by Dee96 September 15, 2010
1) A piece of music that sticks out when listening, e.g)Opening intro of back in black by ac/dc or slithers main verse by velvet revolver

2) Someone of something of disgust
1)Wow, back in black's got an amzing riff in it

2)Ugh look at that riff over there
by the riffmyster June 09, 2009
A Riff is Kill Stealer if you want more click on Kill Stealer
Guy 1: Wow what a kill stealer.
Guy 2: You mean Riff newb.
by Urmomther December 23, 2007
A term used to make fun of someones clothing or the way they look
"Its time to riff on those jeans"

"Im going to riff on you now"
by Nick614 May 20, 2005
In Comedy: To involve the audience and to play off of them for humor in a stand-up routine.
Rich Vos is excellent at riffing and working a room.
by Nick Beasley June 22, 2004
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