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South African surfer slang for 'cool'.
Dude that wave was kiff
Check out my kiff board
by Matt C August 30, 2003
A word that is derived from the Afrikaans word for poison,`gif'. This was used by coastal pot smokers to describe a strain of natural skunkthat is called Durban Poison Gifs.The word evolved into kiff,amongst english speaking Natalians describing anything that is bad or wicked or simply the best.
"Hey shoo wow man,,this zol is hectic man!
,its awesome."

"Yeh its Kiff"
by seaumus February 16, 2005
T.H.C crystals. silk screened bud trimmings (hippy crack)
put some kiff in that joint cuz i wanna get hella lifted
by devious February 18, 2004
South African Slang, (Adj) Cool, Awesome, incredible, fuck-around etc.
The origin isn't really clear, but it's used predominantly by English speaking South Africans.
'Ey, how kiff is that hottie?
Shot cuz, that try was kiff buddy!
by ChrisLebanon +++ May 04, 2006
(Australian) That disgusting leaf/stem/bud/sometimes even seedy shit that settles down the bottom of a bag of weed.
You know your dealer was scraping the bottom of the bag if you get a shit load of kiff. Or they just don't like you. It's putrid.
1. My mate bought me a stick and it was 2 buds and heaps of kiff, his dealer must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

2. I had a sesh with my dealer and accidently broke his bong, when I went to get on a few days later he gave me a satty of kiff. He totally doesn't like me.
by MissGreenThumb August 15, 2011
An Australian slang term for the trimmings/leaf of a marijuana plant, usually of poor quality. Also known as Grief.
He was smoking a joint of Kiff.
by Garden Music-child September 29, 2010
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