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Complete ridiculousness. Foolishness beyond belief and reason.
"The fact that State won that game last night was a complete load of ridiculosity. I could eat my own turds right now."
by Jabberclob September 12, 2003
The speed at which sh*t gets ridiculous.
Well I think we have just reached ridiculosity, thanks to that idiotic decision.
by WO Murphy December 06, 2006
The measure on ridiculousness embodied in a particular action.
Yo, check out that guys dance moves... complete ridiculosity!
by JustinP June 06, 2005
The speed at which something becomes ridiculous.
The more hats John stacks on his head the more his ridiculosity increases.
by Jak the Glorious August 01, 2010
certain situations or things that are completely and udderly ridiculous
The movie Anchorman has a ton of Ridiculosities
by Trukositz December 18, 2007
Can be used to describe something ridiculous at a high speed/velocity.
Meg: I can't believe how quickly the island disappeared on Lost!

Chichi: I know, it was ridiculosity!
by Valero January 23, 2009
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