Rick James is dead bitch!

A drug addict and rapist (did prison time)
Rick James is dead bitch!
A white boy from Canada who's been tormented his entire life for having the same name as black funk singer who likes to snort coke and burn whores with crack pipes. Sometimes goes by the name Super Freak
"Hahaha! Your name is really Rick James? That's so funny!"

"Yes my name really is Rick James and yeah it's really funny mother fucker!"
#rick #james #super #freak #crack
by Rick A James September 13, 2006
"Rick James Bitch" quote has been used by David Chappelle on the popular series Dave Chappelle

Once popular, now menacing. I rather HATE it now!
Idiot guy: Im Rick James Bitch!
Me: That's right, you ARE his BITCH, bitch!

Idiot guy: Im Rick James Bitch!
Me: That's right, you my bitch too, now SHUT UP!

#rick #james #bitch #funny #rickjames #stupid
by wayne barry February 17, 2008
(verb) when you smack the SHIT out of someone.
"yea that nigga was runnin his mouf so i had to slap that shit out a that nigga, i rick james'd that nigga!
#rick #james #smack #slap #five #fingers #fingas #bitch
by Yung Tune January 22, 2008
The Super Freak is super dead!
R.I.P. Rick, we hope god shows you his titties!
I'm Rick James Ghost Bitch!

by exotoa August 07, 2004
I'm Rick James Bitch!
What did the five fingers say to the face?
by internuggler February 20, 2004
When added with the word "bitch!" makes the title of the best Chapelle show skit thus far.
"What am I gonna do about my legggggggsss Eddie Murphy?!"
by John Stanley April 24, 2004
a dude who fucks with charlie murphey
so he comes in there n im like look bitch im rick james
#charlie murphey #dave chappelle #habitual line stepper #fuck yo couch #what did the five fingers say to the face
by ryan123 December 23, 2005
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