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A state in which you have so much money you dont what to do with it, so you begin buying George washingtons couch, giant 103 inch plasmas, and a 5000 dollar gibson you cant even play but put it in your house to show off

it is also the point where you can spoil your children completely and they can grow up to be helpless beings not knowing what to do with their lives, constantly asking for large sums of money to buy cloths at Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister and many more extremely expensive clothing stores, your kids also become self centered and make fun of all the kids who dont have as much money and cant afford the things they can, and the only thing they can say is "all because my parents were more successful doesn't mean you can hate me" but in reality they don't notice that they did nothing to deserve what they have besides ask for money and trash on poor kids which doesn't help them with anything

Poor kids dad: "this is a nice house you have here"

Rich dad: "yes i know take a look at my display of presidents coffins"

poor kid: "Dude i don't care if your shirt was 200 dollars why do you wanna spend that kind of money on a shirt"

Rich kid: "all because my parents was more successfully than you doesn't mean you can hate me"

by M.Moneybags July 28, 2008

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