When your family has enough money to buy whatever you/they want. You have atleast one expensive car, a house worth atleast a million bucks, and possibly a vacation house. You can afford to go shopping whenever you want and wear designer clothes. People envy you.
Rich People conversation:
Girl: Ehmygod did you like see the new Uggs?
Girl2: Psh like yeah. Those are soo like fifth grade. Did you like see the new Sevens Jeans?
Girl: Ehmygod no! We have to go shopping after school! I'll call my mom on my gold-plated iphone!
*squeals of excitement*
by PotomacIsForRichPeople November 05, 2008
A friend of yours that always gets just about whatever he wants. This kind of person gets a brand new car he he or she just turns 16. If he or she has a sister, she's usually a babe.
Josh is so rich...I wish I was him. Or if I had a babe like that living with me...
by whatupbrood April 03, 2005
1.A Person Who Refuses To Buy Alcohol For Kids Who Can't Get Served.

2.A Type Of Underwear, Usually Animal Skin, Crotchless Thongs.

3.A Generator Which Comes Up With Amazing New Words.
1.Person One; Hey, Do You Wanna Get Us Some Cider?
Person Two; Nah, I Can't.
Person One; Aw Man, What A Rich.

2.Person One;Look At My Riches!
Person Two;Woah! Zebra Print?!
Person One;I Know, Rare, Yeah. I Got Them From canihasrich dot com!

3.Person One;I'm Full Of Sophisticonosity Tonight!
Person Two;What The Hell Is Sophisticonosity?!
Person One; Oh, It's This Amazing New Word Rich Made Up.

by Merked February 08, 2008
V. transitive - Spawning from the famous "Rich bitch" To outlast a female during sexual intercourse
I just Riched that bitch
by Gimmeallyolovin' September 19, 2007
Sexiest iceman ever that tears all girls up like a black pimp.
omg i want rich's meat stuffed in me because hes so gorgeous.
by Sweet Thang October 18, 2004
Proper name. Used to identify friendly, outgoing alterego of terminally unfriendly men named Rick. Rich originates from one onlooker celebrating the Captain's entire collection and misapplying the name when taken by Rick's friendly, effervescent personality.
Gee, this Captain Morgan tastes good. I LOVE Rich!!
by Basement Dweller February 22, 2005
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