A car driven by a person who has modified every aspect of the car except the engine. A ricer might have more exhaust decibels than horsepower. A ricer might have a car that
a bunch of kids who go out and throw a cat back exaust on their car with 110 base horsepower. when they put this on you can hear the engine struggling to keep up with the exaust system. this makes them idiots. dumb idiots.
dam why is that car smoking

becasue the dumb bastard injected the scuba gear into the engine thinking its NOZ, and he has a whining catback

ohhhh, ill go slash his tires that he wished were yokohama
by why man why September 26, 2004
A person, usually a male under the age of 25, who buys an economy car(or is given one by their parents in the hopes that they will be reasonable) and attempts to hide the fact that its an economy car with body kits and spoilers that creat more drag than downforce, yet somehow (supposedly) help with acceleration and handling in a Front wheel drive car. Easily identified by the distinct sound of an extremely pissed off bumble bee, and a familiar, yet hard to describe smell coming from the exhaust, easliy smelled 10 car lengths back.
I smell......Rice.....
by Robert September 21, 2003
A person who takes a perfectly good car, and turns it into a ugly peice of shit on wheel by adding, uneccesary aftermarket parts ie huge spoilers, stupid body kits, NOS sticker

more associated with import owners
The fuckin civic is rice. What a ricer
by Link December 26, 2003
Stupid wannabie losers who drive shitty cars with huge wings, fart cannons, lots of stickers that don't even match the manufactuer of the car, and they drive with the seats all the way back while blasting 50 Cent. Usually seen circling around high schools trying to pick up girls.
I saw this one ricer who put a bunch of Type R stickers on a Mazda MX6. Can you say retard?
by Seth March 26, 2004
A slow car with excessive cosmetic upgrades.
Rob Torre and Keith Bruni drive ricers.
by pd2 January 23, 2007
the addition of a park bench on the deck lid, a fart pipe just below the bumper, and a snow plow on the front end.
There are racers and there are ricers.. it's up to you to make the distiction! Knowledge is power.. Honda is not!
by Shawn October 09, 2003

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