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A dumbass who buys an import economy car like a Honda Civic, puts useless, garbage looking things on the body (stickers, bright, ugly green paint, neon lights, a 747 wing, etc) as well as the infamous (and extremely gay as fuck) fart can exhaust.

All this is to make the car appear faster, when in reality the owner probably hasn't even touched the engine, or if they have, the performance of the car has only increased slightly, despite what the dumbass ricer usually says. Ricers typically like to go around, revving their fart cans and trying to race Mustangs (who usually don't give them the time of day).

If you're a real man and are driving muscle, do the world proud and embarrass these ricer morons at the drags.
Ricer: Dude I put a 747 wing on the back of my car and a coffee can on the muffler, it's way faster than your gay mousestang

Mustang Driver: My car has 300 horsepower and enough torque to rip your car in half, stock, not to mention it doesn't sound like a dying animal.
by Muscleftw November 11, 2008

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