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a rapping water dwelling-mammal from the film "Flight of the Conchords". he kicks ass!
that goddamn rhymenocerous is showing off his rap skills on mtv again...
#rapper #rap #rhinocerous #kickass #badass #flight of the conchords
by the storm drains October 24, 2008
A horny rapper with birds on his back.
Some other people on Urban Dictionary think the Rhymenocerous is or should be specified as not a large, water-dwelling mammal, but this is absurd, because it is well-known that the Hiphopapotamus is the one who finds it necessary to cite the fact that he is not a large, water-dwelling mammal.
#rhyme #hip-hop #rhymnocerous #fotc #bret
by Douglas Pennsylvania December 14, 2010
a water dwelling mammal that moved to the metropoliz
not because i'm fat not cuz i got birds on my back.
My rhymes are so potent that when i end this segment
i'll have made all of the ladies in the first two rows pregnant
#hip-hopapotamous #falcon punch #mung #spacedocking #sugar tits
by hip-hopapotamous September 10, 2007
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