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one fly ass, sexy ass, awesome ass bitch! who reps whatever set she resides in, and she always stays freshh. Lives the life of a playa, and the guys can't get enough
"DAYUUM, rhyan is lookin on poiiint!"

"when isn't she!!?"
by coxy cozy muhfo January 22, 2009
Best guy...EVAR.
Totally wears blue stuff all the time, and is the coolest kid in the town.
Is very nice and is always there for a chat.
What a pro.
Dude... im bored as fuck.

by CrimsonKrew May 01, 2010
a great, funny, hot, sexy guy who loves to talk, loves to flirt with hot girls, amazing at sports, the perfect cliche jock! <3
New girl: who is he?
Friend: rhyan, he's out of your league though, the jock....
by Savanna0724 March 11, 2011
The douche bag way to spell Ryan. This incorrect way of spelling the name makes him feel superior because he feels "special". However, he is wrong. Rhyan is usually a shy man at first. When he finally does open up to others he is most often inconsiderate and condescending.
Did you hear? Rhyan has a tiny dick!
by Yuroto August 21, 2011
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