A rhetorical answer is the instance where an answer is given to an unasked question but it is anticipated to be thought of by the majority of those involve in the conversation.
Bob: I have no idea what I should do for my birthday
Fred: Party?
Gilly: Party sounds good!
Theodore: China Town - and *no, I don't care to elaborate*.

Theodore has given an example of a rhetorical answer (highlighted by two asterix).
by Pootleflump October 28, 2009
Top Definition
An answer spoken to produce an effect and not necessarily to answer the actual question. A rhetorical answer may possibly be given in response to a rhetorical question, as a sort of counter-attack in a rhetorical battle.
Do you know how many people will be in our philosophy class this year?
C'mon seriously, do you know what the main topic of our class will be?
Geez, how many times do you have to piss me off with rhetorical answers in one day?

Do you think I should wear the green dress or the red dress?
To be or not to be.
by Bloopy March 25, 2008
the obvious answer to a rhetorical question
guy #1- who was that pass to?

guy #3- the other team.
by GermanFill July 17, 2005
An answer to a rhetorical question, what is asked to make a point, which is answered to make a point.
"Oh, please. Everyone's always on about the children. I've already tried leaving them alive, but all they do is grow up under my rule or dedicate their pathetic lives to revenge, usually both. Really, killing them is a kindness. I can retract that kindness if you wish. But then who's the villain?"
"Y- you."
"N- no, that was a rhetorical question."
"And I gave you a rhetorical answer."
by i can feel you slipping October 21, 2015
As opposed to a question not needing an answer, a rhetorical answer is an answer that should not questioned.
Joe: What's going on?
Abbie: My mum has gone into a coma, my dad has run off with his dentist and just failed all my exams.
Joe: ......that's a rhetorical answer isn't it?
by TheMasterOfAwesome September 07, 2009
A response to a question that does not answer the question asked. Commonly used by busy mums with the sole purpose of annoying those asking the question.
Jack: what time will dinner be ready?
Paula: when its cooked.
Jack: stop it with those rhetorical answers! !
by jess12 May 27, 2014
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