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it is a combination of the words 'anorexic' and 'sexy'

it is when someone is very thin but looks great!!

kate moss is soooo REXY
by REXY BEAST August 13, 2007
Rexy is a combination of the words 'anorexic' and 'sexy', used to describe somebody who is thin but gorgeous. Usually refers to models.
I'd rather be rexy than a fat cow like you!
by benita jones July 25, 2007
Someone who is so sexy.....that he/she is like really sexy.
Dang are so don't even do you justice. You are sooo rexy!!!
by alexissteel June 02, 2015
A slang term for nose, esp. in Ireland.
She's got a sexy rexys.
by BrianMcA January 28, 2009
1. One who is anorexic or too thin

1. anorexic
2. too thin; so thin as to appear unattractive or unhealthy
"Hey, check that girl out. She's totally a rexy."
"I bet most models are rexies."
"She was hotter before she got all rexy."
"She's thin, but not rexy or anything."

Orignally a regional (Midwestern) saying.
by Robin J February 06, 2006
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