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Wojus (adjective)
Irish slang for 'poor' or 'bad'.
This cup of tea is wojus.
by BrianMcA March 25, 2007
Engage in casual romantic activities - dating, seeing, doing a line. Chiefly Irish.
"I've been stepping out this week with a girl from work".

"He was stepping out with her for a while, but he started seeing someone else then".
by BrianMcA May 06, 2011
Irish-centric slang term for kissing someone, esp. French kissing.
I've got a date tonight, and once she's drunk enough, I'll lob the gob.
by BrianMcA June 08, 2010
A slang term for nose, esp. in Ireland.
She's got a sexy rexys.
by BrianMcA January 28, 2009
Interjection denoting happiness, as used by Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza in The Silence of the Hams (1994).
A whole pizza for me? Iggypoo!
by BrianMcA June 21, 2010

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