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When a women sucks things into their vagina, much like a vaccum.
When I lost my keys, it turns out I accidently reverse queefed them.
by WeinerBarf April 14, 2015
When one passes gas from their anus into a female or male's vagina. Also known as the Evansville windmill.
Hi Johnny would you like to spice things up in our relationship?
-sure Phillis let me do a reverse queef (Evansville Windmill) on you ;)
by cockinyourpussy101401 January 31, 2015
breathing in a girls queef and blowing it back in her mouth
a reverse queef is where you blow air into your moms vagina and then cup your mouth around the hole, she queefs into your mouth, you close your lips and blow it back into her mouth.
by Darren Ingledew March 03, 2011

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