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1) conseqences

2) consensus, opinion
1) man, I bet theres gonna be some serious reverb for that shooting last night!

2)what's the reverb about the band?
by bonzai April 08, 2004
A special effect applied to an audio signal to make it sound as if you're now hearing that sound in a tunnel or some other different room, with some depth and a bit of echo.
Many guitar amplifiers have a "reverb" knob.
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
The name of Vert Wheeler's car in 'Hotwheels Acceleracers'.
Here, take Reverb. I added a nitrox 2 afterburner.
by honeylicious October 08, 2005
To remake a verb, using other words as quick add-ons to the ends, such as "rundiddlydid".
"Here's a good reverb for you! "Walkedidytolou.""
by Spaztik Plaztik April 12, 2007
Extremely loud moaning in a tight rhythm during sex.
I was hittin it only two seconds and she went into that reverb shit... I was like shut up.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
big pussy, loose
I was hitting it, but she got mad reverb, I wasnt feeling no tightness.
by Kangoe Joe October 27, 2003