A retrosexual is someone who used to be sexy. Someone who WAS considered sexy in the past, but is presently considered undesirable and unappealing by the general public. An individual may be labeled a retrosexual as a result of many different factors. Rapid aging, botched plastic surgery, or an inability to update his/her style with the current times are some factors that lead someone to be branded a retrosexual. One of the most salient features of the retrosexual, is that they were 'hot' or at their peak of desirability in a given era. They exemplify the style of the time period in which they were deemed sexy, but today they only appear as a sad timecapsule of a bygone era.
Particular examples of retrosexuals are as follows: Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Willie Ames, Leif Garret, Jared Leto, Axel Rose, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and more recently, Brittney Spears.

A usage example: "Professor Jones would have been hot when he was younger. His peak must have been in the early 90s because he's still wearing cosby sweaters, checkered blazers, and an earring... what a retrosexual!"
by Liz Gomes and Brian Mckenzie April 21, 2007
A transsexual who decides to revert to his/her former gender.
Danny, having lost his job and insurance during a fit of outsourcing, could not afford to pay retail for his hormones and in the true retrosexual form, was forced to revert to being Deb once more.
by andrjsh November 05, 2008
Someone who has many stories or references to past sexual encounters, but nobody can remember anything in recent times.
"David is such a retrosexual"
"How so"
"He's telling his high school sex stories again, even though he's been dwelling on them for years. Why doesn't he at least tell us something new"
"Well, they're all he's got"
by BWhatley February 22, 2009
One who has reached an age where all sexual desire is reduced to memories.
Thinking of the girls he had known when young, the old man could still get momentarily horny. But he never had such feelings about women he didn't know and lust after in the past, and had no desire to reconnect with those he did, except in his memories of them; in the bloom of their youth.

He was a true retrosexual.
by Recursive Prophet December 11, 2007
One who partakes in intercourse with apes.
Hit TV show 'Rape an Ape' is a bizarre insight into the world of retrosexuals and retrosexuality.
by chinballs December 01, 2008
Any person who takes up too many traits and lifestyles from the eighties, seventies and before, and applies them to their life now. Rockabilly and sometimes retro/mod/etc fashioncore kids can be considered retrosexual. Retrosexual kids have a tendency to only go out with other retrosexual kids, therefore making it its own sexual preference.
Tomoko from the Brilliant Green, Seanbaby, and that chick from Peaches can be construed as retrosexual.
by loveCasiotone March 23, 2004
Someone who was sexy back in the day and now they're not.
"Dang yo I saw this old Madonna video the other day on TV; she was definately donkey punch worthy back in the day"

"Yup you know it now she's Retrosexual,definately past her sell-by date!!! Choo-Choo...Next stop Surreal Life!!"
by Greg H. May 01, 2007

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