Similar to a metro-sexual; however, a retro-sexual is an individual, typically male, who's fashion sense is influenced heavily by late 80's and early 90's pop culture.
He's a retro-sexual; he looks like a metro-sexual hipster that time warped from the 80's.
by DiligentDiscourse April 25, 2008
A man who adheres to traditional values and natural roles for men and women. He does his own thing based on moral carachter and integrity , and does not bend to pressures of political correctness. He knows how to turn a wrench, does not become squeamish over sweaty labor, and believes a man's work is a reflection of his name. He does not embrace homosexual, feminine or whoremongering proclivities as desireable or even natural. He respects women as the weaker vessel and still holds doors open for his lady or a stranger. He accepts and fully embraces traditional family values of the pre 60,s. His pockets have a wallet, knife, and maybe even a spark plug gap tool on his hey ring. He would rather be fishing, hunting, shooting, reloading ammo, than he would be at the mall. He may have a Confederate Battle Flag and could care less what you think or "how you feel about it". He is an old fashioned razor guy who prefers antique razors , brush and shaving soap and does not shave his body, legs, or chest like a girl. Fact is he knows the "feminine side" is a lie from the pits of hell. He is in fact a man the way God the Creator made man.
As the man in front of us opened the door for his wife you could tell he was a retrosexual. He sure is more manly than the girly man behind him.
by Preachinpilot August 13, 2015
an experience with someone later in life who was known and perhaps dated at a much earlier time of life
"I had not gone out with her since high school, but I found her on the internet and now we are seeing each other again, I guess you could call it a retrosexual experience"
by iRustin September 13, 2009
a person who gets attracted to old people.
Madonna's new boyfriend is, without a doubt, a retrosexual.
by invictus2823 September 08, 2011
Old School Sexual, with wisps of homophobia. Extremely manly (males), extremely feminine (females).
Antonyms: metro-sexual, tolerant.
The dude in the wife-beater is so retro-sexual.
by Lee Petersen September 06, 2005
Someone who is so inlove with hype shoes and 3rd and 4th retros that seem to forget the about og's and first retros because of new more shitty quality hyped retros. exspecially jordans of the 2011-2012 era.
Fred:Peep these Og concords i got on i love them
Andrew: EW! those are old yellowed i got the new retros that just dropped in december
Andrew:Not only that they have a blue icey sole
Fred: There nice but nothign compared to og's
Andrew: But ther icey
Fred: your sucha Retrosexual
by ben jackson February 20, 2012
An awesome man/woman who is defined by his sexy look and who wears clothes that represent an era of a simpler time of surf with uncrowded waves, vdub camper vans, vinyl records and long big hair or big afros.

You can see an awesome example of Retrosexualism in the classic surf movie An endless summer

It's all about the peace, love and community.
Civilian: Hey man, cool shirt but why does it say retrosexual?

Sexy individual: 'Cause I'm letting my records spin and going to spread the peace and love on the waves man. Toes to the nose
by lalabells January 07, 2012
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