Doing dumb things on purpose by a stupid person.
Quit retarding with the bottle caps and pass me a damn beer!
by Lucas_JWF January 29, 2009
Top Definition
The process of being/acting retarded to a magnitude of 10.
That bitch goes around retarding all the damn time!
by fucktard66996969 April 07, 2006
Is defined by acts or actions of someone who is being really really stupid at the time.
Ken: Hey Shawn, What are you doing?
Shawn: Oh I'm using this non-sanitized kitchen knife to cut off this mole.
Ken: Are you retarding?
by Ken Stricklin June 02, 2007
When someone is acting retarded with out even realizing that they are acting retarded by simply being themselves.

This person is someone who is usually seen as normal or, maybe even intelligent.

The act of someone slipping from normal to a retard.
1. He was showing off so much with that butterfly knife that he ended up retarding and cutting off his damn finger.

2. Look, that bitch trying to drive is retarding and about to crash.

3. I think my dad is stuck in a retarding cycle.

4. This bitch lost the keys to the car, she's retarding.
by GrEeNFaM October 27, 2011
retarding;; something or someone becoming retarted.
x: omg i think my leg is retarding
y:ohhh are you okay?
x: yeah i just mite not b able to walk for a while
by Chazzah =] June 20, 2007
When one is hAving An off dAy And cAnnot spell whatsoever, And must use A cApitol A At All times . ( ughmh sAmmi )
Retarding :
KB:what do you do with a dead chemist ?
SS:hahah i dont know!
KB:Ya barium ... Lawl , oh wait false ... Indicates joke is lame. Hahahah

SS:HAHAHA indicating laughter
i didnt get it for a while indicating retArdating
wowow i cant spell
by Kup-nah September 28, 2011
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