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A mix between "rhetorical" and "retarded", usually used to describe a rhetorical question that makes no sense.
David, stop asking such retardical questions!
by boysnoggage December 05, 2004
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A combination of retarded and hysterical. When one does something that is so retarded or moronic, that it is hysterical or outrageously humorous.
Thinking you parked your car at one end of the mall when it was actually at the other end, then calling the cops because you thought it was stolen is incredibly retardical.
by Mighty Mack July 11, 2009
a question that is too stupid to answer. A combination of rhetorical and retarded
What's my name?

Man, that's a retardical question...
by Fearghalian Stallion September 05, 2008
Retardical means something that is soo retarded! It is something or an act of some kind that is extremely stupid, retarded, idiototic, ridciulous, dumb, etc.
by JL<>Loove July 30, 2010
A act of retardedness that is so retarded it is purely radical.
*Man shits on car cuz fuck
Dammmn that was retardical
by Pornokingkonggong April 04, 2015

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