A word misused by parents to try to throw guilt into their children.
Mom: You have no respect for me whatsoever!
by spel itt rite August 04, 2006
something many black girls with huge ass egos/attitudes have a problem understanding
Black people, especially girls, have a hard time showing respect.

john:*walking silently minding his damn buisiness while a black girl pushes past him
by eckolocation August 27, 2007
What you earn from your friends for actions they would have been too cowardly for. Particulary referring girls, that don´t act as if they were/had pussies.
Dude 1 Hey Anna! I bet you´ll never dare stealing that bag from that black kid over there!
Dude 2 Never!!
Dude 3 That would definately earn you respect!!

Anna .. (runs off)
by whoeveryouneedmetobeo May 27, 2010
(verb) to engage in hot painful love, fuck, and to cum.
Greg: Hey did you see Judy's ass in those leggings yesterday?
Paul: Dude, I would respect the shit out of her all night.
Greg: I would bend her over and respect all over her back.
by honest≠asshole January 10, 2012
The stupid name of an even more retarded leftist/Islamist political party in the UK. George Galloway is its' best known member and MP, and he is a gobshite.
Me: RESPECT are retarded.
Person 2: Got that right.
Me: George Galloway is also retarded, and is a Marxist gobshite.
Person 2: Indeed.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
the right attitude when a freshman sees a sophmore, junior or a senior
by stamford October 30, 2003
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