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n. An erection formed out of an immense respect for someone or something.
"I got a massive respection watching this Led Zeppelin DVD"
by Jeremy Blacker October 11, 2005
It's when a man respects another man so much, that he gets an erection.
I saw a man make an amazing jump on a BMX, and it simply gave me a respection.
by danrobbo93 August 19, 2012
When a man respects another man so much that he gets an erection.
You're so fucking cool man! respection!
by Derpyderpanon August 19, 2012
How Don King says respect.
This here is the most splendiforous magnanimous boxer of all time, and he deserves your respection.
by KanadaJayhawk November 25, 2014
it's when a MAN respect another MAN so much that he gets an erection
Boy, Matthew Perry is hot ..he earned my respection
by LisaAnnsMan January 13, 2013
Combination of reaction and expression. When someone says something so completely recockulous(refer for definition) You are so awestruck with emotion that they are looking to see what your respection is.
Girl: what?
Guy: I was just saying something to get you're respection
girl: did you just say Respection?
guy: yeah, reaction just woudln't have sufficed.
girl: what about expression
guy: not good enough, its respection.
by Brewmaster B and Rockmaster Ryan October 24, 2005
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