a privilege you give to someone based upon the quality of that person's unique interactions with you.

Respect is earned. Elders just have had more time to earn it. Younger people may also earn respect from older people.

Some respect sound judgement, some strength or power. Some respect altruism, some purposefulness. Parents and teachers may provide initial guidance but what you respect in a person is ultimately your privilege.
I respect him for his sound judgement in difficult situations.
by nuworthi April 29, 2010
Is a quality that is highly lacking into todays society & something everyone expects, but has no willingness to show.
Person 1; "Bitch, I want fucking respect."
Person 2; "It goes both ways."
Person 1; "Not in my book!"
by !! Ghett0xxBlaster !! May 12, 2009
A word describing the mutual relations between two people. This is something that needs to be cultivated on a person-to-person basis; a mutual relation cultivated through continuous fair and equitable exchanges of kind and politeful interactions, as well as having an understanding and consideration for each other as having the same basic human dignity. This cannot be obtained simply through age, status, experience, knowledge; it must be mutually crafted.
Respect is not earned nor given through one man's acts, but through mutual interactions of good will exchanges.
by Ul1m1t3dm1k3 December 28, 2013
A formal expression of proper acceptance. The courtesy to show high regard, consideration or honor. A gesture of greeting, esteem, or friendship.
Now you come and say "Don Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me "Godfather." You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to do murder - for money.
by Hap100 May 07, 2013
Something that remains after you lose all your money in poker.
Respect is all you have left in the morning.
by Teddy KGB May 01, 2004
when someone says or does something beasley you say re spect in reaction.
Zachie held the door for Dana, thats re spect.
by zachie August 24, 2006
1) Actions taken in response to fear or low self esteem.

Respect is used in situations where a person wants others (or sometimes themself) to believe they have a high opinion of someone.

People respect their loved ones as people they have strong feelings for could use their feelings to hurt them. People respect those with authority over them as they are afraid of that authority being used against them.

To respect is one way of defining the feelings and behaviour caused by the pecking order in society: People respect their betters as they dont want to admit their own failings or are afraid that if they express their dislike for those better than them it would be seen as a challenge.

2) An attempt to gain the favor of others by showing empathy or understanding of other peoples views and feelings - commonly used in arguments to portray a superior knowledge of the issue in question.
1) I respect my girl (cos I'm scared she'll leave me)

I respect myself (It's better than saying I hate myself)

Give me some respect (Fear what I can do to you)

2) I respect your opinion (But mines still right)
by Yaoigirlproxy January 22, 2005
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