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Best movie ever created... a must see
kickass movie
by bill a. January 16, 2004
A crazy movie which trys to show you what addictions can do to you. Kind of brutal. Uses alot of fancy editing.
When the movie ended, Mike sat there for a few moments and then thought to himself " What the fuck just happened?" Time to cut out the heroin
by Person December 02, 2003
awesome movie about drugs & pain
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
insane movie prolly the best movie ever to depict addiction.
guy: ey u seen requiem for a dream?

guy 2: fuck ye man, im never trying smack after that guy shot H in his fucked up arm
by yask87 August 31, 2008
One of the few R-rated films I would not recommend viewing until you are actually of age... My God.... BUT amazing, nonetheless.
"Hey, man, I just watched Requiem For a Dream. Listen, have you seen my eye sockets? I can't find them anywhere... Oh, there's! - no, nevermind, that's just a chunk of my skull... Well, I guess I might as well pick that up too."
by Steve McSteve-face October 29, 2009
The worst possible movie to rent for a first date.
I was hoping to make out with Suzy after watching Requiem for A Dream but she asked me to turn it off and taker her home with fifteen minutes left.
by Moorebucks February 21, 2011
A great and terrible movie leaving you fealing as if somehow and in some way your the cause of everything is your fault and god loves you a little less.
AJ, "whats the matter Logan"?
Logan, "I just watched Requiem for a Dream..."
Mike, Dear god NO GOD!!!"
Logan, "why do i have to suck......its all my fault....
by LOOGAN November 20, 2011