Cold, money focused person that was most likely raised and affluence and does not understand poverty. While not always the case, this person might also be considered to be part of the religious right.
George W. Bush
by liberal July 23, 2003
(n) Satan
-Those folks in Texas elected a Republican for Governor.
-You mean they elected Satan for Governor...again.
#conservative #evil #anti-christ #hitler #prostitution
by Steve Smitherson September 07, 2011
An ancient member of the biological order Primates. This species of ancient primates have the intelligence level of a bar of soap. Following their leader, George W. Bush ( Republicana Bushata ), they have single-handedly gained control of the most powerful country in the world, and have made everyone else their enemy. They do not approve of anybody who do not believe in the same religion as them. It took them very sneaky and hard work, but they were able to cheat people and rig elections in such a way that got them to the top fo the government. They single-handedly destroyed the definition of a Democracy. The PATRIOT Act violates EVERYONE's rights. They are also too busy killing many Iraqi and other middle-eastern people who they believe are terrorists only because they are Islamic. So how is the government serving THEIR people? Good question! Raising the country debt by trillions of dollars and not providing health insurance for every citizens seems to make these Republican creatures a popular species!! They claim to have found weapons of mass destruction in the country of Iraq. It's not joke!! Here I have pictures!! Try the link below for all pictures of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq!
"Lower taxes" is a common cry of the wild Republican primate. This translates into English as "Allow me to raise the country debt a couple trillion dollars more!"

They are using this senseless "War on Terrorism" which is another cry of this lower lifeform which translates into English as "A pointless war taht can never end which is meant to distract the people from the real problems".
# #soap #nub #n00b #irony #paradox #oxymoron
by g07h4xf00 April 13, 2006
Repuclicans are followers of one of two moderate right-wing idealisms currently vying for power in the United States of America.
Like most people, they are well intentioned, and believe firmly in 80's conservative thought, that society should essentially be run on the basis of a firm, fair meritocracy.
Sadly, there are many faults to this point of view. Like most ideologies it fails to take into account much of practical reality. The net result of excessive republicanism appears to be unregulated markets, social inequity, aggressive tribalism and unaccountable power structures run by a wealthy elite.
These excesses run contrary to the ideology's core values, and so it might be said to be self-destructive.
It is questionable whether the United States (and we in the rest of the free world) should be under the leadership of the present president were it not for the partisan nature of the US legal system; in particular the majority of republicans in its upper echelons.
by European October 29, 2003
1. One who says they are Pro- Life when in reality they are Pro- War and Pro- Death Penalty.

2. Person that complains constantly about the liberals in the world and complains constantly about how the world "should" be but can not cope with how the world really is.

3. A person who believes it is their God given right to own 2 SUVs, a Boat, an RV, a Big house, and as many guns possible.

4. A person who is intolerant of anyone elses' views and will not listen to reason, it is their way or the highway no middle ground exists.

5. Usually has no more than a High School education and that is because College is for Democrats, and people who want to think.

6. Believes heath care is not a right and only those who can pay should get it.

7. Believes that even if you make more than 10 million dollars a year that your taxes should not go up, everyone needs 10 million a year to live a good and decent life, right?
Republican: " Them damn liberals raised my taxes again, trying to help them poor people, screw them poor people, now I have to sell my beach house I just bought and at least 3 of my Ford trucks!" I made the money it is all mine, I dont have to share it with none them other people, even if they are starving and dieing, while I live in my Mansion with more money than I could use in 5 lifetimes.
#complainer #whiner #out of touch with reality #does not care about poor people #old men #george bush
by Heathcare 4 all May 29, 2009
A person that has an utter disrespect for moral values, defiling and raping the economy for thier own benifit in order to squander as much personal profit as possible.
That Republican just ruined our country.
1. One who cuts taxes and spending and wonders why there isn't enough money or public services.

2. One who claims to preserve freedoms and then takes them away.

3. A member of a political party who has no compassion for those who are less fortunate.

4. One who attacks anyone who does not share their view.

5. A white Christian male with no understanding of other cultures.

Hypocrite, Idiot, Bigot, Asshole, Racist
Republican: "We've cut taxes, now everyone who is white and Christian can prosper!"

(A year later)

Republican: "There's no money for public services and schools! Why is this happening?... This must be the democrats' fault!'
#hypocrite #idiot #bigot #racist #conservative #asshole #dickhead
by Terminator256 August 31, 2010
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