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Republicans are one of two dominant political parties in the United States, and the one that cleaves to generally rightist policies.

Gained support by convincing poor whites that poor blacks benefited disproportionately from aid programs, thus getting a bunch of plutocrats elected to office for the sole purpose of giving tax cuts to the rich.

Also reflexively oppose every policy proposed by a liberal group on principle.

Dislikes government regulation of business. Would rather we have no way to stop businesses with evil intent from abusing us.
One good example (or bad one, depending on how you look at it) of a Republican is George W. Bush.

The Tea Party have about 90% of the time voted for Republicans, so any bullshit about them not being Republican is only so Republicans have scapegoats for the occasional really insane shit they do.
by Savonarola August 01, 2011

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