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While it is true that the Republican party used to be the party of Lincoln, and that a higher percentage of Republicans voted for the 1964 civil rights bill than Democrats, modern day Republicans are very different.

In 1964 Democrats from northern states voted almost unanimously for the civil rights bill, Democrats from the south voted almost unanimously against it. The Democrats who opposed civil rights were southern conservatives, they would be Republicans today.

Strom Thurmond was a Democrat, he left the Democratic party in 1964 specifically because he opposed civil rights for blacks. Charles Pickering, the conservative judge appointed to a federal appeals court by GW Bush during a senate recess was a Democrat and switched to the Republican party in 1964, specifically because he opposed civil rights for African Americans. Many Republicans who supported civil rights became Democrats in 1964.

Look at a map of former slave states and compare it to a map of the 2004 electoral college results. Notice a pattern? Ohio, Indiana and Iowa changed from free states in 1861 to Republican states in 2004, Maryland and Delaware changed from slave states in 1861 to Democratic states in 2004. Except for those 5 states, the maps match up exactly.

2004 Electoral College Map:
1861 Slave State Map:
Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republicans.
by juan gomez May 12, 2005
a white Christian male who preaches about morality and godliness in the morning and has a ten-year-old boy perform oral sex on him in the evening in a rent-a-car
That religious Republican Ted Haggard just stepped down from his position as head of the National Association of Evangelicals.
by mr. communication November 02, 2006
1) a self-righteous christian fundamentalist who believes that "freedom of religion" doesn't apply to people who aren't also christian fundamentalists

2) someone who believes that education doesn't need to be properly funded but 2 wars over oil do

3) someone who bitches about the ridiculous deficit that has accrued over the past 8 years under a fanatical fundamentalist (refer to definition 1) while pushing for increased support of 2 of the most expensive wars this country has ever undertaken

4) someone who doesn't fully understand economics, but likes to pretend they do

5) someone who thinks everyone that doesn't agree with their party base is a communist, even though they don't know what a communist is

6) someone who thinks karl marx is a communist (in the soviet sense of the word)

7) someone who thinks a dentist is fit to run the texas board of education

8) someone who thinks anything that is "liberal" is wrong, regardless of historical accuracy

9) someone who still thinks their party is "the party of lincoln"
George Bush junior and senior (republicans)
Ronald Reagan (republican)
Herbert Hoover (republican)
--it said to include the word "republican"
by do it all for you dolly April 01, 2010
The closest form of human zombie in existence.
Model of Comparison between Republican and Zombie:
Angry- both
Homophobic- Just Republicans
Racist- also just Republicans

According to legend both also carry very small penises.
by uzi killer September 18, 2011
A sadist who exhibits highly overblown levels of nationalism, which can be reasonably compared with the behavior seen in the early years in Nazi Germany. Usually works in the interest of the wealthy while fighting to strip the government of any and all programs that assist the poor.
At the Presidential debate, Ron Paul (R-TX) was asked a hypothetical healthcare question about a young, 20 yr. old, healthy guy who decides not to pay for health insurance because he thinks he doesn't need it. The moderator asked: Well what happens to the young man if something devastating happens and he needs medical care? Will you just let him die? Multiple audience members yelled out: "YEA!!" while clapping ferociously and chanting. Wow, that Republican doesn't care about Americans. They don't want to reform healthcare, they just want us to die of we can't pay. What a bunch of disgusting sadists.
by AnonymouslyMyself September 12, 2011
a person who believes America is the world police, they are God's given gift to the world and have the right to do whatever they want. Oil is their main food source and they invade other countries to obtain it. The rich republicans dwell in their mansions and the rest mostly live in trailer parks. They enjoy to oppress minority groups such as gays. Facts and evidence have no effect on them either
typical republican, homophobic, racist, and fascist.
by pshorts June 24, 2009
A morally repressed person who feels deeply guilty about their sexuality, and whose sole purpose in life is to make you feel guilty, too.
The church lady who knocked at my door this morning turned red as a rose when my stripper girlfriend answered it wearing nothing but pasties and a g-string. Judging by her reaction, the church lady must have been a Republican.
by Joe the Dumber July 26, 2010
When Europeans think of America, they think of fat, SUV-driving, bigoted hicks. They think of Republicans. The Republican may be found in any socioeconomic class, whether it be the Trailer Park Republican, the Suburbanite Republican, or the Old Money Republican. They are oftentimes religious, but rarely anything other than Christian. What the Republican fails to realize, however, is that, were Jesus alive today, he'd probably be liberal. He hung out with the dregs of society, was charitable, and was a radical. None of these things embody Republican beliefs, unless you consider the dregs of society to be Wall Street, or the KKK. By all means, the common Republican will spend time with these people. It is not uncommon to be given dirty looks by the Republican for wearing a Darfur T-Shirt, a PETA shirt, or any punk band shirt. Never tell them that you are a vegetarian, or worse, a Jew. If you are Jewish, be wary of the Republican- they WILL tell you that your people killed Jesus (however, they fail to realize that this is like saying the Americans killed Martin Luther King, as Jews made up the majority of the Biblical World).

The Republican detests anything radical: just this week, one confided in me that, were his best friend homosexual, he would disown him. The Republican supports war, oftentimes on the rationale that we must maintain our reputation in the world. Which one would that be? The World-Cop status, or the Most Hated Superpower status?
Chris Christy, New Jersey's fine Republican governor, stated that he wants to put a spending halt on the state, to shrink our bloated economy. Might I suggest he start with his waistband?
by catsarenice123 February 12, 2010