I Rep. cards and the likes.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
Stands for "Reputation -" and is used on forum that uses a "reputation" system where users can add or subtract reputation points from each other. "Rep-" is a common response to a post another user disliked and "repped-" the original poster. (See rep+)
User 1: "I hate User 2"
User 2: "ass, rep-"
by Kujila August 13, 2005
you're ruining my rep by spreading rumors
by nappyafrochik April 06, 2003
represent your hood,state,country
"rep your citie"
-Lil John
by shawty August 17, 2003
Act as a repetiteur for an operatic or musical theater production.
Kwame asked Dave if he would rep the Rheingold production in the upcoming season.
by op_charade April 05, 2007
regional dialect. (crawley, sussex)

rep is slang for cigerette
someone offers you a cigerette and you reply

"rep up"

or your at work and say to a colleague

"im just off for a rep"

or you look at a friend and say

"R R" (rep rate. Rate being time)


"awww man. im outa reps. gonna nip in da newsy and rep up"
by bbcks July 21, 2005
verb. the act of fornicating with any woman who is up to letting you tell everyone you just "repped" her.
Jordan says: I'm gonna get hype, poke around here and there, and "rep" some bitches! Chea!
by tonygindahouse December 20, 2004

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