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a woman who is one of many on a mans msn list. likely not met in real life and just talk on the net.

a man will likely have many many e-bitches on the go when he is single.

an e-bitch is also affectionately known as an e-whore whereas a man may be an e-man or e-slag. however, the term bitch is interchangeable for man/woman.

e-bitches are transient and once the lonely male finds a woman who will date a white skinned wide eyed IT support guy then the e-bitches will be dumped like hot potatos.

if your really lucky your real life girlie will also have a net connection and can resume both the role of e-bitch and real life bed buddy! how could anything be more perfect?

what could be more romantic than using msn to talk to your partner over your wireless network at home. sigh. heaven.

hahahhaha hilarious.
you dude. she one of yo e-bitches?????

come on dude, stop flirting with your e-bitches and lets go have a beer!
by bbcks June 22, 2005
lynch ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lnch)

to pull/do a lynch refers to the last minute preperation before an exam, lessons, show, whatever.

to a lynch, the preceding night to a deadline will undoubtedly have been spent smoking, drinking, napping and subconsciously stressing. inevitibly someone doing a lynch will go to bed at 4am and get up at 6am to prepare work for a 7am deadline.
your such a "lastminute lynch"
you pulling a "lynchy?"
you did a "lynch" didntya?
oh i cant be arsed, im gonna do a lynch.
by bbcks June 22, 2005
regional dialect (crawley, sussex)

slang for "its no big deal"
"shame you cant give me a lift to the pub, but its no trainsmash"
by bbcks July 21, 2005
regional dialect. (crawley, sussex)

rep is slang for cigerette
someone offers you a cigerette and you reply

"rep up"

or your at work and say to a colleague

"im just off for a rep"

or you look at a friend and say

"R R" (rep rate. Rate being time)


"awww man. im outa reps. gonna nip in da newsy and rep up"
by bbcks July 21, 2005
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