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noun ; one who has a very sub par physical appearance.
"we would have won the fight if Alf wouldn't have been such a smallframe"
by tonygindahouse December 18, 2004
adjective; one who intends on being "up front" and "personal" with every conversation physically and vocally. Usually is heightened when alcohol is involved.
Eric Thinks:"Why is such a drunk, robust, cockstrong individual?"

Derek Thinks:...................am i robust?
by tonygindahouse December 20, 2004
noun; someone who wears all abercrombie and puka shell necklaces even in the winter. blonde tip hair,popped collars,capri's,socks and sandals,hoop earings,and an ego of one who thinks their super sweet when in fact they are stuck in some unexplainable "wally" world. female="sally"
"Look at Jordan! He is such a wally"
by tonygindahouse December 20, 2004
verb. the act of fornicating with any woman who is up to letting you tell everyone you just "repped" her.
Jordan says: I'm gonna get hype, poke around here and there, and "rep" some bitches! Chea!
by tonygindahouse December 20, 2004
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