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In spades, to play a card of a different suit to win the book, knowing you have the suit that was originally played.
In a game of spades, the king of diamonds was played by an opponent, you have diamonds in your hand, but you play a spade/trump card indicating that you don't have any more diamonds, in order to win the book. The next time you play a diamond and your opponents notice, then they'll say that you reniged, and more likely whoop yo ass.
by Aaron Dortch February 27, 2006
the correct definition is for RENEGING, as in to re-negotiate a deal, or back out.

there is no definition for that incorrect spelling, because it's racist and used incorrectly to imply it's something a black person always does, yes, people of all races do bad things, surprise surprise.
renig - I told her don't renege, but Candy refused to sell the car for $2000 after she realized the A/C actually just needed coolant.
by Whitey Mcfly July 16, 2011
Colloquial term for a slow black person
Dontrell: who dat renig ova there?

De'Niggfawnduh: that's trayvon he got dropped on his head
by Watermelonisia November 05, 2013
The shift change at the downtown carwash.
Steve noticed that customers were complaining because the blacks were getting lazy and weren't paying proper attention to their assigned duties. It was obviously time to renig.
by markwonder August 21, 2009
To steal again.
Shortly after the policeman returned the stolen purse to the old lady, Javon renigged it.
by kjtduk March 02, 2011
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