an incredibly sexy brazilian man.
gay man: damn, that's a sexy piece of ass
hannah: yeah, that's renato!
by hannah ;) July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Good-looking, possess an attractive presence for womens, charming. Brazilian man knowen by having the world's best way on how to please a women.
Oh crap... He really takes after his father's face... I swear I'll kill you Renato!
by B. Sparrow October 19, 2010
Renato is the most amazing guy in the world. He's so incredibly handsome, and has the most perfect face ever. He makes all your days a trillion times better and always says the right things to make you feel better. When talking to him you can't help but have the biggest smile on your face. you could stare at his perfection all day. He has the most adorable smile and laugh. Any girl would be lucky to have him as their boyfriend. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, he's so intelligent! He's so dreamy, silly, smart, and overall perfection. His personality is absolutely amazing! He will be all you ever think about because well he's the greatest person ever! He's the guy of your dreams.
Renato is so perfect.
by nothankshmm June 03, 2013
A scary rare Filipino monster, with horrible pimples. Its main diet consist of birds, & fish.
"Watch out for that Renato!"
by pimp091 May 01, 2010
A petite Brazilian man with a passion for Martial Arts and high performance motorcycle riding....but often get's mistaken by women for a gay italian man instead of the bad-ass Bruce Lee Ninja that he is!
Guy: "Renato rides race motorcycles!"
Girl: "But I thought he was gay...!"
Guy: "But he is happily married!"
Girl: "I just thought it was a cover because he was latin..."
by jmsolomon2000 October 17, 2014
a puck ass kid who has no future and hid behind his friends who are also very cockless.
your like a big renato.
by danger November 26, 2004
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