-The foundation for security.The sheilded life of which one can enjoy despite all failures or mishappenings of any kind in due to the fact that their supreme being has a purpose, a master plan, has brought life and therfore holds power to take it, and in that the promise that in all nothing is absolutely "bad". Its hope. Its freedom in a limitation. Its escape from blame. Its excuse for mentalities abilities/ exaltation.
My mother died, but in my religion there is a plan for everyone.
I cant imagine a world wihtout god, for my religion denies ability.
by Defamed_Enlightenment April 07, 2003
a beleif based on the knowledge of a higher power who has created and put you on earth....

have u all seriously lost ur ways that u cant relize that 4 what it is.
a colt is not a religion its a grouping of sacrifice from what u believe lifes meaning to be.
how the fuck do u think u got here? a planet might be able to create simple things like trees and algie, but do u really think an intellagent species can grow from dirt? and evelution is a bunch of bullshit other then catapillers turning into butterflys....if we evolved from apes then why arnt apes extinct. why wuddent they all have evolved. religion is not a way of life, no more then a belief.
by all knowing truth January 12, 2006
The reason some people are not losers. The reason some people are not hateful little "find a scientific explanation for everything" atheists. The reason there are nice people in the world. People who didn't let some messed-up experience in their life make them think that religion was a lie or something STUPID like that. People who don't think that they are the highest most mighty beings in the universe, people who accept that there is actually someone out there BETTER than them.
Religious 2nd Grader: Hello, would you like a piece of my cookie? In my religion it's always good to share.

Non-religious 2nd Grader: I don't have to share my cookie with you because there's no one watching to make sure I'm good and the bad things I do will never come back to me. I don't follow silly religion rules about actually being a good person instead of a buttface.
by Yaaaaaawn November 05, 2006
the opposite of faggot
he's in a religion, he won't let us bum fuck him, he likes girls and not guys
by truth November 27, 2002
without religion, science is weak,
without science, religion is nothing.
by Biafra J September 14, 2004

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