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A dutch city known for it's vast amount of coke, Fish and bad singers.
1. I'm going to Amsterdam! LEGAL WEEDZ!
2. Don't forget to check out Volendam
1. why?
2. Just do it, and bring back some coke!
by d4m4s74 June 01, 2009
The arbitrary amount of time it takes to install Windows XP on your computer. Usually somewhere between 40 and 120 earth minutes
I need to reinstall windows. I'll be back online in exactly one microsoft hour.

Your computer will be ready in one microsoft hour and 30 microsoft minutes
by d4m4s74 August 22, 2012
A cult with an army
Christianity isn't a cult, it's a religion I tell you. Look at the crusaders!
by d4m4s74 September 08, 2009

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