The sweat that forms on your balls when you're fucking your sister. May also be applied when fucking your hot female cousin, i.e. incest.
The relative humidity went up as soon as mom & dad left for the evening and I slid into my sister.
by Bushpig61 September 03, 2010
The beads of sweat you get on your balls when you're fucking your aunt.
Man, it was hot out last night! My pants were soaked from the relative humidity when Ida and I came in from the porch.
by John Vanderlay March 22, 2008
the sweat on your balls while fucking your cousin
At the family reunion, the relative humidity was all i could think about
by CASEY CARMAN January 23, 2009
A feeling of uncomfortable warm dampness while visiting in-laws or extended family.
Bob: How was the reunion?
Sam: Fine, except for all of the relative humidity.
by dintx March 05, 2011
The sweat that forms on your balls while thinking about screwing your wifes sister.
Man, I was looking at those family pictures of Helen at Disneyland, I had some serious relative humidity going on in my pants!
by PSA Pilot February 18, 2010
when someone is getting it on physically with one of their relative.
Leave my cousin and I alone in a room for 5 minutes and the relative humidity will get so high our pants get all wet.
by aris00 September 08, 2011
The sweat that rolls off of your back while banging your sister-in-law.
The relative humidity was 100% while I tapped dat ass.
by trig February 16, 2005
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