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A really pretty and smart person.
She is rarely seen, lol.

Una persona muy bonita e inteligente.
Rara vez es vista, jaja.
Oh my God!! Is that Mayren?!?!

Oh Dios mio!! Esa es Mayren?!?!
by Alfonso December 13, 2004

1. a large assed woman
2. not good
Pickle flavored ice cream is reindeer.
That woman is a reindeer.
by alfonso May 04, 2004

1. extremely large shit
2. odoriforous stool caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and spicy food
Jay had to take a dudinsky during the exam.
by alfonso May 02, 2004
doobledinsky - related word
a double dudinsky
by alfonso May 04, 2004
noun. multiple dudinskies.

A doobledinsky occurs when one feels that a shit is finished and just before getting up, another dudinsky follows
Sean had to take a doobledinsky in his pants because he was sleeping outside.
by alfonso May 02, 2004

1. a quick shit
2. a shit taken in a public restroom or at someone else's house
After eating that Mexican, I had to take a mortinsk.
by alfonso August 11, 2004
Variable use noun.

1. a bad situation
2. cards are stacked against you

cluster fuck
That exam was a mortisha.
by alfonso May 04, 2004

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