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1. a large assed woman
2. not good
Pickle flavored ice cream is reindeer.
That woman is a reindeer.
by alfonso May 04, 2004
A really pretty and smart person.
She is rarely seen, lol.

Una persona muy bonita e inteligente.
Rara vez es vista, jaja.
Oh my God!! Is that Mayren?!?!

Oh Dios mio!! Esa es Mayren?!?!
by Alfonso December 13, 2004

1. extremely large shit
2. odoriforous stool caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and spicy food
Jay had to take a dudinsky during the exam.
by alfonso May 02, 2004
doobledinsky - related word
a double dudinsky
by alfonso May 04, 2004
noun. multiple dudinskies.

A doobledinsky occurs when one feels that a shit is finished and just before getting up, another dudinsky follows
Sean had to take a doobledinsky in his pants because he was sleeping outside.
by alfonso May 02, 2004

1. a quick shit
2. a shit taken in a public restroom or at someone else's house
After eating that Mexican, I had to take a mortinsk.
by alfonso August 11, 2004

1. A fast person
2. a dumbass
3. a code word for taking a shit
4. a way to tell your friend that you have to take a shit
1. Craphonso made a nice catch against NC State
2. Matt is a craphonso
3. Yo craphonso!
4. I'll be right back, craphonso.
by alfonso August 11, 2004

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