Pronounced Reggee not Rejee

Somebody who is not a bro thus making them Regular.

Other variations:
Neggie: Black Reggie
Meggie: So regular that when you see them you think...Meh...
Sleggie: A non sis
Dude, you will NEVER be a bro, you are such a REGGIE!!
by Cleve July 02, 2006
a nickname; of or refering to eye drops with Naproxoline Hydrochloride
"Reggie is knocking on the door, Regimen!"
by Tywanda pretty darkie June 20, 2006
A variation of Reggin (spell it backwards) used to trick black people and especially funny and confusing since Reggie is a popular African American name.
look at that reggie run
by jm06 April 03, 2006
a less racial slang word for an African American.
1) look at him chug that grape drink like a Reggie...

2) he is such a Reggie...
by Suburban Policy October 16, 2012
The non african american way to acknowledge a black person. Derives from the word Reginald.
Damn man, those crazy reggies play some funky music.
by Tibbu Tib March 29, 2006
The act of coming at someone in a snake-like fashion.
It was not me, it must have been REGGIE
by katrinka23456 May 04, 2011
A Hott Ass Mother fucker.

aka DILF
Chick: Omg! Reggie look at you! Your so HOTT!!!
Reggie: Hey whats up...
Chick: Nothing want to see what panties I have on tonite?...

As Reggie thinks to himself.. "Yea, Chicks dig me"
by scuba steve4000 December 06, 2007

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