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scottish slang for the female mamary glands.
Jodies well ugly but she's got a healthy set of chebs!
by Davie January 10, 2003
An individual who is so insignificant they are a mere apparition.
Check that cunt out, he's a phantom!
by Davie January 10, 2003
me and my friends stumbled across this word by speaking 'wrong' and our defination for it is 'aiight, alright, ok, cool'
Dave: Hey man, Im goin to get some mcdonalds, wanna go?
Frank: Sure, lemme get ready, but I wanna go to taco bell
Dave: ereet be down in bit
by Davie February 14, 2004
A Homosexual who penetrates another mans anus.
I wouldn't pick up the soap in front of him, he looks like a total fartknocker.
by Davie January 09, 2003
Reet, meaning ok, alright, sure, etc
Dave: Ey man, lets go get sum dew
Frank: reet
by Davie February 14, 2004

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