another term for marijuana, weed, pot, etc.
Shit man, earlier i was smokin' them reefers, and got high as hell.
by suuuuurrrrraaaaa October 29, 2007
Hood slang for weed, a.k.a chronic
"If reefer really makes you happy nigga blaze it"
by Kezza213 July 22, 2006
Pot, weed, the devils lettuce, and my first love, Mary Jane.
"Littering and? Littering and?"

"Smokin' the reefer."
by idreamofgelati April 16, 2013
1) (Archaic) a marijuana cigarette. First attested in songs and literature from Harlem in the 1920s and 30s.

2) In modern usage: marijuana, not necessarily in the form of a cigarette.

3) A refrigerated truck or trailer.
Have you ever met that funny reefer man (reefer man)
Have you ever met that funny reefer man (reefer man)
If he say he swam to China
And he sell you South Carolina
Then you know you're talking to that reefer man.

- Cab Calloway, "Reefer Man"
by Fat Yeti September 14, 2010
Commonly used as a term for marijuana, but also used as a definition in graffiti, for a type of rail car. Reefers are refridgerated train cars that are usually white and are used for carrying frozen and cold goods. If you walk up to the yard and find a open panel on a reefer consider yourself lucky. But think twice before painting one, every toy and their mom wants to #streetart on reefers and will go over good writers willingly with no regrets
Yo man! Did you see that line of reefers roll by! I had like 2 cars on that line
by Sheenone March 19, 2015
1. Another word for marijuana
2. Refridgerated trailer
3. Refridgerated train car
Put a reefer on that train.
by Simulationcity September 06, 2005
outdated vernacular for marijuana.

used by baby boomers who feel the need to identify with their children.
"Honey, have you been smoking the reefer?"

"For the love of christ, don't call it that, Dad!"
by deathtobees February 18, 2004

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