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3 definitions by Simulationcity

A term in baseball when there is a runner on 1st, 2nd and 3rd, base; then the player at bat hits a home run and four runs are scored. Somewhat rare.
Do I really need an example for this? Grand Slam
by Simulationcity September 06, 2005
An efficient type of printer that uses a black powder that is fused onto the paper. When putting in a new toner cartridge be carefull not to breath in the powder.One toner cartidge can print up to 10,000 sheats. The most common one only print in black. Color laser printers are very expensive
This laser printer is great.
by Simulationcity September 01, 2005
1. Another word for marijuana
2. Refridgerated trailer
3. Refridgerated train car
Put a reefer on that train.
by Simulationcity September 06, 2005